Powerhouse Photoshoot


This is a photoshoot that is designed to show off your all your hard work in the best light. We take you to a location that you thrive in, be it by the lake, in a park, or in the gym, and photograph you so you look your best.

The powerhouse photoshoot is not designed just for bodybuilding bodies. It is a lighting style that suits just about everyone, from a Muay Thai Kick-boxer to a Ballet or Pole Dancer. We make sure that you look your best for who you are right now, in the environment that you love to be in.

The strength in these images is something that can carry into your daily life as well. Not because you have these images to show people (that’s just a bonus!), but because the experience itself is such an empowering experience, to know that you do look as good as you feel.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any specific concerns that we can address.