Do I need to pre-purchase my Stage Shots?

Not at all! We photograph every single person who appears on stage, so we will always have images of you from your division. Just get in touch within 2 months of the event and we’ll make sure you can have access to your images. There is an administration fee associated with such image enquiries that are made later than 2 months from the event.

People who pre-purchase Stage Shots are eligible for the 2-week turnaround (i.e. they will receive their images no later than 2 weeks from the event date, guaranteed).

Do I need to pre-purchase my Backstage Shots?

Only if you wish to bundle things together to make it cheaper overall. Otherwise, we have payment facilities available on the day and you can just rock up at any time to come have your images taken.

What information do I need to provide you?

All we need from you is your name, your email address and your phone number. We can get your competitor number from the event coordinators. And of course, the money for whatever you wish to purchase. ;)


Individual Shoots

How many images will I receive?

Our shoots provide 10 images per hour of shooting, except for the Competitor Discount, where you receive a total of 10 images from 2 hours of shooting.

Can I purchase additional images?

Yes you can! Additional images are $35/image, 5 for $150, or 10 for $250. Additional discount apply to even greater numbers of additional images purchased.

Do you bundle your shoots together?

Absolutely! If you wanted to book in for more than one shoot, each shoot would be discounted to help you save money!

Do you provide Gift Vouchers?

We sure do! Enquire now to purchase one.


Art Physique / Reflections Shoots

What do I bring?

As the shoot focuses on your whole body, bring a robe to wear between images.

What do I wear?

In order to prevent lines appearing on your skin for the shoot, please wear very baggy clothes to the shoot. No leggings, no jeans, elastic, nothing tight fitting.

Do I need to be completely nude?

Not unless you want to be. These shots are designed to work with your comfort level. If you’d rather wear skin-coloured g-strings, that’s no drama at all. Be aware that there is a small cost associated with editing them out of the image. Other than that, it’s completely up to you.

What is implied nudity?

This is a style of image where you use something (usually an arm or leg, or even a prop) to hide your most private parts. it allows you to wear things such as pasties or a g-string, but for the image to look like you are naked.

Is there a way that you don’t see me naked?

Absolutely! If you’d like these style of shots, but you worried about me seeing you naked, it’s not necessary. I can provide you a pose, then turn around while you create the pose, then turn back around to shoot the pose. it’s all about your level of comfort. Everything can be modified to suits your needs.


Business Policies

Do you provide discounts if I want shoots in the future?

Yes. After your first shoot, should you wish to have another one, you are considered a returning client and will receive our returning client discount. ;)



Are your images available for licensing?

Absolutely! Pending the approval of the person in the image, of course. Feel free to get in touch to enquire further.