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The Empower Studios Difference

Since 2014, Empower Studios has been changing the lives of everyday people, helping them to feel more confident, more self-assured, and more empowered to do bigger and better things with their life. All because we took a photo of them!

Empowering you through photographs of you is the key. Every single person who has ever been photographed by us has come out feeling bigger, better, stronger because of it. It’s in the strong style of image we create, and its in the fun-loving and relaxed style of photography we provide.

Having photos taken by Empower Studios means you have a record of a moment in your life when you did something amazing. Whether it be multiple photoshoots to show before and after transformations, or whether it be because you just wanna show everyone who you are now, or because you’d like some very special photos for you or your loved one, Empower Studios is here for you.

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Physique Photoshoot

Show off your hard work in the studio

Powerhouse Photoshoot

Show yourself off in your natural environment

Art Physique Photoshoot

Show off your body in a unique way

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ICN ACT Official Photographer

Since 2015, Empower Studios has been the official photographer for the local ICN ACT Bodybuilding Competitions.

We are there on the day, shooting you onstage as well as backstage, showcasing every little bit of the hard work you’ve put in to compete!

Order your Stage Shots, Backstage Shots and more today!